Beyond identity-first language 

The issues surrrounding language and disability stretch much further than the debate between IFL and PFL. Many of the words and phrases used about disabled people unnecessarilly pathologise our lives, dehumanise us, or patronise us in an attempt to sound politically correct without consulting the people being talked about. 

The words given to parents of newly diagnosed autistic children paint a future of social and academic isolation and failure.  A dooming report detailing the childs 'developental delays' and a stark warning that they may never gain full independence. This leads to a presumption of incompetence that can provent the autistic person from ever being provided with the meens to reach their full potential. 


The problem with Functioning Lables 

suffers with


The adult social care world is packed with jargon phrases  

say the word campaign 

Why ableist langauge matters 

you and I - a personal account of a pathologised life.