is not a dirty word. 


''I cannot separate out which parts of my brain are wired because baby I was born this way and which parts of my brain should be marked off as AUTISM. Nor do I particularly care, to be honest. I am Julia, and a significant fraction of Julia is autism (and thus, via the transitive property, I am autism)'' - Julia Bascom

If you have to say ''person-first'' in order to SEE the person first, that's a bigger problem that needs to be overcome.

''Saying you 'have' something implies that it's temporary and undesirable. Asperger's isn't like that. You've been Aspergian as long as you can remember, and you'll be that way all your life. It's a way of being, not a disease.'' - John Elder Robinson

''When we say "Autistic person," we recognize, affirm, and validate an individual's identity as an Autistic person. We recognize the value and worth of that individual as an Autistic person. we are accepting that the individual is different from non-Autistic people--and that that's not a tragedy, and we are showing that we are not afraid or ashamed to recognize that difference.'' - Lydia Brown














''To me, person first language demeans the person. It attempts to dissociate them from some characteristic and in so doing defines that characteristic as bad, by virtue of it being necessary to dissociate from. However by flagging it up as a bad thing to dissociate from it fails in that endeavour and merely re-inforces the association, but in a negative way.'' - anon


"It’s not that person-first language is good or bad, in and of itself. It’s that the rationale for its sole use as a respectful means of address perpetuates the idea that there is something shameful and dehumanizing about disability. It’s that particular way of looking at disability that needs addressing"- Rachel Cohen-Rottenberg 

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You can't pick

and choose what part of a person you want to accept, then claim the rest is not really


''I find it more offensive when people assume I will be offended at being called autistic.  
Autistic is what I am. If you fear saying it, it sounds like you are afraid of me. ''  

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