Ways To Take Action 

If you can't pledge an organisation yourself but still want to support the identity-first movement, here are some other ways you can help. 

  • Use identity-first language in your own speech and writing and encourage your friends or colleagues to do the same. 

  • Talk to others about the benefits of identity-first language for autistic people. Let them know that the majourity of autistic people prefer identity-first language.  

  • Volunteer your time or skills. We are always looking for autistic people and allies to join the team. Email identityfirstautistic@gmail.com  to enquire.

  • Ask your local autism charity or organisation to consider including identity-first language in their literature.
    If they seem unwilling, suggest a compromise where both are used together. 'Autistic person/Person with autism'. 


  • Submit a photo to our photo gallery, a blog to our blog roll or posts
    for our Facebook page


  • Invite organisations you know or work with to pledge to the campaign.

  • Be mindful of how other language we use around disability shapes our
    thoughts and actions. 


  • Support parents and professionals to replace person-first with


  • Buy and show off our merchandise. All proceeds go back in to the cost
    of running the campaign. 


  • Dowload and print our campaign business cards to give away to
    professionals or parents at work or events. You can also e-mail us to

    order a box. 

  • 'Like' and share our website and Facebook page.

  • Support the organisations listed on our pledgers page