Welcome to Identity-First Autistic

    The campaign to promote the acceptance of

      identity-first language for autistic people. 


   As autistic people, we see our neurology as an integral part

   of who we are - not a separate or negative add-on.

   We are proud to be called autistic and believe autism

   positive language promotes equality and acceptance.

   Identity-first langauge tells society that we should be

   respected along with our differences, not in spite of them. 


The Identity-First campaign is run by autistics, working to collaborate the voices and concerns raised within the autistic community about the language and attitudes used to describe us. 


At Identity-First Autistic: 


  • We believe every individual has the right to chose the language used about them. 

  • We believe in autistic inclusion on all autistic matters 'Nothing about us without us'.

  • We support the neurodiversity paradigm and follow the social model of disability. 

  • We are against the use of 'functioning labels' and non neutral expressions such as 'suffers with'. 

  • We are anti 'cure culture' and against abusive/conformist therapies or treatments such as the use of restraints, seclusion, ABA, electric shocks, CDD/MMS. 


On this site, you can find out why so many autistic people prefer identity-first language and what you can do to support our choices and introduce an Autism Positive approach to your work, writing, and life.

''If you really
need to be reminded that autistic people are people, we've
got a bigger
problem. ''

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''I don't
'have' autism;
I am
is not an